International Construction Consultants (ICC) is a multi-discipline construction management company who provides solutions for the Owners and Developers, Architects and Engineers, Sureties, Law Firms, Contractors and Subcontractors within the construction industry nationwide. Our consultants provide the expertise to effectively manage today's complex construction projects, through all aspects of the preconstruction, construction and post-construction phases.

ICC provides objectivity and an independent assessment for all its clients; working within the team environment that is essential in the successful completion of all construction projects. It is our belief that if the Client's success comes first, ICC's success will follow. Our successful experience on projects throughout the United States of America and our international experience on projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Far East, the Caribbean, Canada , Mexico and Latin America prove our ability to successfully complete our client's assignments while building a reputation of lasting business relationships. These successes were achieved through our methodical, meticulous, creative, practical and hands-on experience in construction management, CPM scheduling, estimating, project management, owner representation, claims avoidance, claims evaluation and preparation.

Common sense is not common knowledge, but from the lessons learned throughout the total construction process it enables us to provide projects on time, value for money and the results by working together to give our clients the confidence in our company and the success they desire.



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